Passport 2017

An event app and website commissioned by Heritage Canada to promote the country’s 150th birthday with thousands of events happening across the country.   

Year of completion

In collaboration with
Matthew Warland, Creative Director
Scott Rankin, Designer
Jesse Mykolyn, Developer

My role
UX Strategy
Visual Design
UX/UI Design
QA Testing

The Ask
  • a means of promoting 15,000+ events happening across the country in celebration of Canada’s confederation

The Solution
  • designed an app as well as a website to provide access to all, including those with less stable internet connections
  • generated multiple brand explorations, visual directions and prototypes
  • developed curated event suggestions and custom content based on user interests to drive attendance and engagement
  • conceptualized a reward system for different levels of readership

The Impact
  • the app was downloaded 70,000+ times and generated over 100 million impressions

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Toronto, Ontario