Toronto Life Neighbourhoods

An interactive tool used to identify the rating of Toronto’s neighbourhoods based on a set of predetermined criteria, with adjustable sliders for user customization. 

Year of completion

In collaboration with
Tim Burden, Developer

My role
Visual Design
UX/UI Design
QA Testing

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The Ask
  • create a fun, useful, interactive tool that can be experienced across devices
  • increase Toronto Life’s online user engagement

The Solution
  • sketched out a few initial concepts
  • conceptualized the user experience and journey through a responsive lens
  • generated a responsive set of wireframes
Initial Desktop & Mobile Concepts – Concept 1, Concept 2
Wireframes – Concept 2
  • designed an interface using Toronto Life’s existing visual design library whilst extending it
  • worked closely with the full stack developer to establish map functionality and user interactions
  • performed internal user testing, modified designs and conducted design and functionality qa

User Testing Issue – Custom dropdown wasn’t seen, so an animation was added on page load

The Impact
  • consistently ranks as one of the most popular pages on Toronto Life’s website with 58,000 hours spent using the tool over the course of the first 3 years

Desktop Slideshow

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